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Mercury goes into Taurus April 30-May 25
Venus goes into Taurus May 4-May 28
Sun goes into Taurus May 14-June 14
Rahu in Taurus until March 16, 2022 (True-node)

The Shakti of Taurus is it gives the power to bring wealth, social success, prosperity, and enjoyment. For Vedic theology lovers, it is connected to Krishna. The keyword to remember here is Blessings and it is easy to remember the blessings of Venus who brings material prosperity to us. Planets placed in Taurus in any part of the chart bring blessings, but, of course, we have to consider all the other aspects of interpretation that we know.As the natural 2nd sign, Taurus may get too attached to money or food or family and its stubbornness may arise. Taurus is also known for being the earthiest of the signs and the most grounded. Yet they can get stuck or hold onto money or material things too easily. Taurus has friction with the fire element or Agni and has problems with get-up-and-go, so the fire planets of Sun, Mars, and Ketu cause problems. Taurus needs help with the fire signs and fire planets, yet if they are well placed then some of these issues may not be as strong. Lots of fiery exercises are important to get this sign moving and unstuck.Remedy: Planets in Taurus need the air element to exercise and get moving. Vigorous exercise is needed to get moving and to increase flow. I have known a lot of Taurus risings and they often love being by the wind at the ocean or taking motorcycle rides as it helps Taurus get invigorated.

Usually, Jupiter does not give good results for the Venus-ruled ascendants of Taurus and Libra, as it tends to give wrong guidance, knowledge, and too much expansive energy into material areas. More stuff and hoarding are a problem. Jupiter in Taurus may bring the blessings of teachers, but can also bring problems with obesity. There can be a tendency toward heaviness, depression, and melancholy. One can sense why Jupiter is such an affliction if placed in Taurus because it can cause problems with weight gain and diabetes. Taurus has to be careful with sweets if Jupiter is afflicted in the chart.

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, can also become a challenging planet for Taurus ascendants because of its rulership of the 6th house. The stubborn Taurus bull can be their own greatest enemies. Mars is a very negative planet as it rules the 7th and 12th houses. The 7th house ruler, Mars, is a maraka planet and Mars’ 12th house rulership gives loss and expenditure.

Saturn is the raja yoga karaka for Taurus and yet it is a Badhaka. The nature of Saturn is such that it can be very beneficial, yet it will block one from doing what one wants to teach spiritual lessons or lessons around Gurus, religion, or one’s father. Taurians can tend to misuse their blessings. They have many desires and to fulfill their desires they use up all that life is offering them.

Mercury owns Virgo and the 5th house of romance for Taurus tends to bring down the spiritual qualities of Taurus and increase the pleasure cycle.

The Moon and Jupiter are other negative planets for Taurus. Moon rules the 3rd house and Jupiter rules the 8th and 11th houses.


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