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Indian Coast Guards mount emergency medical operation for captain of foreign vessel

Mumbai: In a daring air-sea coordinated operation, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) conducted a medical evacuation from a merchant ship off the Goa coast on Sunday (June 6).

At 4:30am on Sunday Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Mumbai received information about Mr. Yi Myong Bok, a 50-year-old South Korean national and Captain of the ship MT ELIM needing emergency medical intervention. 
ICG instructed the Marshall Island flagged merchant vessel, which was about 109 nautical miles southwest of Goa, to proceed towards the coastal state at maximum speed.

ICG rescue

Based on the operational plan of Coast Guard District HQ Goa, Indian Coast Guard ship C-158 sailed out from there and maintained continuous communication with MT ELIM and periodically ascertained the condition of the patient.

For speedy medical evacuation, Coast Guard Chetak helicopter was launched from Coast Guard Air Enclave Goa at 11am. The helicopter reached the vessel in about 50 minutes and braved gusting monsoon winds to airlift the patient with the help of an aircrew diver by 12:05pm.

In a video of the evacuation, the patient and those in close contact with him are seen clad in full body PPE suits, in adherence to COVID-19 norms.

The patient was safely brought ashore and shifted to SMRC hospital in Vasco, Goa, where his condition is reported to be stable.

Successful execution resulting in saving of precious life at sea, reiterates the faith of sea farers in the Indian Coast Guard, which always lives up to its motto “Vayam Rakshamah; We Protect”.

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