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It’s Not About Selling But Solving Problems, Says Anshuman Chakravarty At Zee Media Leaders Speak Event

New Delhi: When the lockdown battered the industry as a whole, Orient Electric took it as a challenge and concentrated on solving people’s problems rather than focusing on selling, this maintained the brand to keep in touch with the consumers.

Speaking at an event organised by Zee Media, Anshuman Chakravarty, Head Marketing – Brand & Corporate Communication at Orient Electric elaborated how Orient Electric took on the challenge and took it as an opportunity to unify their businesses of fans, home appliances, and lighting under one umbrella brand of “Orient Electric”.

Leading The Change

From innovation to self-realization, Chakravarty, during the session, explained every change that his company adopted after the lockdown was announced last year. “Technology adaption has gone up dramatically during the lockdown, not only in terms of working processes but also in terms of consumption and purchase,” he said.

Ease of Online Payment

Chakravarty, in his hour-long session, also underlined the importance of online payment. Sharing his personal experience, Chakravarty said that he was sceptical of using online payment modes but adopted it during the lockdown. “The entire world is changing and it’s a compulsive change and not something you are opting for,” he added about the online mode of payments.

During the session, Chakravarty also highlighted the importance of digital transformation and explained how Orient Electric has gone paperless over the years.

“Earlier, I used to sign at least 150 papers each day but in the last one year, I have not signed a single paper, because of which my productivity has also gone up,” Chakravarty said while underlining the importance of digital transformation.

Chakravarty also touched upon sections like media, prime time ratings and many other important anecdotes of marketing and sales during the session.

(Anshuman Chakravarty is Brand Management and Marketing Communications practitioner with experience in working in India and international markets (Asia & Europe), with exposure in B2C & B2B domains.)

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